Shamrock Hotel

[Postcard of Shamrock Hotel]

TIME Magazine, “Luck of the Irish”, Mar. 21, 1949

3 responses to “Shamrock Hotel

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  2. What a shame to destroy the Shamrock for a parking lot! It was visited by many political greats along with Hollywood royalty. It was the shining star of Houston at one time.
    I personally had my Senior Prom there….It was a sad day when they tore it down.

  3. Richard Velasquez

    in about 2005 i met a gentleman on a cruise who was a trivia buuf. he told me about a story involving the owner/founder ofthe Shamrock hotel and the owner of the Rice hotel. according to this guy the owner of the Rice informs the the guy who built the Shamrock that the Rice was to be the only premeir hotel in the city of houston. the guy from the Shamrock agrees and promises he will not build his hotel in the city of houston. and after completion of the Shamrock the owner of the Shamrock has the city limts expanded to put the Shamrock in the city of houston, therfe keeping his promise not to build his hotel inthe city of houston. i thought this was a great story but have ever been able to confirm it. Can you confirm or tell us the real story behind this story between two of houston mots powerful men.

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