Frantz Brogniez, Brewmaster

[Frantz Brogniez – Houston’s Premier Brewmaster]

Frantz Brogniez was the Belgian-born brewmaster who turned the Houston Ice and Brewing Company into the largest brewing company south of Milwaukee, and later operated Howard Hughes’ Houston-based Gulf Brewing Company. In 1913, while he was serving as brewmaster at Houston Ice and Brewing, Brogniez beat out 4,096 other brewers around the world to win the Grand Prize at the International Congress ofBrewers. The beer for which was honored was Houston Ice and Brewing’s most popular, Southern Select. During Prohibition, Brogniez moved to El Paso and worked with brewing interests in Juarez. At the end of Prohibition, Hughes coaxed Brogniez back to Houston to oversee the operations of Hughes’ Gulf Brewing Company, which produced Grand Prize beer. Brogniez’ son, Frank, operated the brewery after his father’s death.

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17 responses to “Frantz Brogniez, Brewmaster

  1. Brogniez Jean-Claude

    My name is BROGNIEZ and I live in Belgium, in the ancient mines region called “Borinage”, not far from Mons. Do you knom the origins of this Mr Frantz Brogniez, which name sounds of Belgian origin ?

  2. Houstorian Tracey

    Salut, Jean-Claude. The Frantz Brogniez discussed here was born on October 26, 1860, at Haine-Saint-Paul, in Hainaut, Belgium. (So, not far from Mons.) His father was a member of the Belgian senate, and also a brewmaster. Brogniez studied at both the University of Louvain and, in France, the Louis Pasteur Institute. Before coming to the United States, he worked in a brewery in Lichterveld. J’espère que ça vous aide.

  3. Martha E. Madero Brogniez

    Alida Frantz’s dougther is my mother I want you to remeber my grand father was a great musican.
    I am mexican and is difficult for me to write in English but I know many great things about my grand pa.
    do you know about his musical compositions?

    • Martha: Thank you for your message – no, I don’t remember reading that your grandfather was also a musician! If I can get some help with my Spanish, I would love to ask you some questions about his music, and his life in general. I have your email address on record, is it ok for me to contact you at that address?

    • Hello Martha,
      My name is Pat Lee Wright. I am Mattie Chapman Lees’ daughter and I was googling relatives because we have been looking at our geneology. We never met but I lived with your mother after I graduated and before I married.
      I hope you get this email.

  4. Martha Ann Brogniez

    My father was Frantz son, Frank Philip. We moved to Puerto Rico in 1949, when he was hired by the India Brewery at Mayaguez, where he worked until 1962, at which time he retired in Houston until his passing in 1967.

    • Amanda Brogniez

      Hi Aunt Martha! I was so excited to find this cite as I was searching for my ancestry on my father’s side. I had no idea that our family had so much history; it is very exciting to me. It was wonderful to see you and Uncle Joe recently, I hope all is well.
      Amanda Gene

  5. I’m a Brogniez too from Belgium and proud to be one :-)

  6. alida madero mejia

    Yo soy bisnieta de Frantz Brogniez, y quiero conocer mas sobre su vida. Tio Carlos y Tia Alicia me platicaban muchas cosas

  7. During Expo 67 in Montreal my father received a call from a Mr Brogniez who was visiting along with his spouse. They met at the Queen Elizabeth hotel and corresponded for a while. I believe these Brogniez resided in Smithville Texas.

  8. Frantz Felipe Brogniez was my great grandfather. Frank Brogniez was my grandfather. My mother was Geane Alida Brogniez. She was the oldest of his three children. Then there was Frank Brogniez and Martha Ann Brogniez was the youngest.

    • Amanda Brogniez

      Hi Len! My grandfather is Frank Brogniez, my father is your cousin, Frank King Brother (son of Bonnie Gene and Frank Brogniez). My great Aunt Martha is your aunt as well. I never had the pleasure of meeting your mother, but my papi speaks of her often and says she was a wonderful person. I am very proud to be a Brogniez!

    • Len, I have been doing some research of old Houston breweries and am very interested in your great grandfathers work with Howard Hughes at the Gulf Brewing Company. If you are willing, I would love to hear about him. Please do let me know!

  9. You wouldn’t happen to have the old (pre prohibition) Southern Select recipe laying around would you?

  10. Alida Madero Brogniez

    I am alida 2nd. 1st of 7 siblings, I am 93 years old, mail is from my nefew Franciso Perez, please feel free and do not hesitate to contact me this via.
    My mother was Alida Brogniez, dougther of Franz and married to a Mexican, Carlos Madero.
    I meet mu grand dad back whem he had the brewery in Nuevo Laredo Mexico, during the prohibition.
    I just learned i have more relatives, whom i wold love to know better.
    For your reference i still live in Parras, a wine maker town about 4 hours south of border. An old west movie was filmed here, “the wild bunch” there we were extras, i even got a line ” you trash” at the bank robbery.
    My husband was a wine maker and he did speak not only english, but also French, that fact made him my mother favorite. Ha,ha.

  11. Bonjour, je m’apelle Benjamin Louvet et j’habite en belgique à La Louvière (7100) , province de Hainaut, J’ai étudié avec Luc Lescart, la généalogie de la famille Brogniez. Il existe encore des sépultures de la famille. Toute l’histoire est publiée dans un livre.

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