Wolf Corner

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[James Audubon print, “Texas Red Wolf”]

Per Wikipedia:

Langham Creek High School is a high school located near Cypress, which is an unincorporated community in Harris County, Texas, near Houston. . . . The mascot is the “lobo”, Spanish for “wolf”, and the school’s motto is “The Power of the Pack is the Lobo. The Power of the Lobo is the Pack.” The “lobo” mascot may have been selected as an homage to the red wolves that were hunted for bounty in the area during the 1950s and 1960s. Carcasses of the wolves were strung along the fences at the nearby intersection of FM 529 and Texas State Highway 6, which became known as Wolf Corner.

Wolf Corner started with Charles Hans Grisbee. By 1958, dairyman Grisbee had been hunting wolves on the prairie outside the city limits for decades – first for food; but later as a hobby, and for a $5-per-wolf bounty paid by Harris County. He started hanging the wolf carcasses on a fence at Wolf Corner. Houstonians would make special trips to the spot in the 1960’s, just to see the dead wolves on display. Grisbee continued to hang carcasses at Wolf Corner into the early 1970’s.

There have since been questions raised as to whether there were any pure wolves remaining in Harris County in the relevant time period, with some speculating that Greer may have actually been killing coyotes or coyotes interbred with wolves. Wolf Corner and the area surrounding it are now heavily developed, and there is a “Wolf Corner Golf Course” not too far away, at Houston’s Hearthstone Country Club.

There are no wolves currently living in the wild anywhere in Texas. While once abundant in east Texas, red wolves had become at best very scarce in the area by the 1960’s. There were reports of a handful of red wolves killed in Chambers and Kenedy Counties in the first half of the 1960’s, but no red wolves have been documented in or near Harris County since. The red wolf was believed to be nationally extinct in the wild by 1980, though there have since been some releases of red wolves into the wild (but not in Texas) as a result of captive-breeding programs. Gray wolves were also once common in Texas. However, the last two authenticated sightings were in 1970, in west Texas. It is beieved that the disappearance of gray wolves from Texas has resulted in problems with overpopulations of deer in several areas.

More information:
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HAIF thread re Wolf Corner
The Mammals of Texas – Online Edition, “Red Wolf” and “Gray Wolf”
Manning, J., “The Wolf in Texas”, The Wild World of Wolves

15 responses to “Wolf Corner

  1. I have been telling people about Wolf Corner for years and they look at me like I’m crazy! I grew up in the area and vividly remember going down to the corner of Highway 6 and Spencer Road (FM 529) to see how many wolves were hanging on the big railroad ties that anchored the fence around the pasture there. BTW my dad used to go goose hunting in the huge cornfield that used to be down a ways from there. To be honest, I prefer the cornfield and the wolves to all the #&$^%!!%$ development. Rant off – thanks for the memories!

  2. I concur with your thoughts on the damn development and people and remember it too. Seemed like the thing to back then was to kill a wolf and hang it. I remember seeing them on fences, mail boxes, etc. Wish we could find some pictures.

  3. I grew up around the Cy-Fair area in the 60’s & 70’s. It’s a shame how all the development took over. I remember stopping at Wolf Corner to count the number of wolves hanging. The Chronicle ran pictures a long time ago (70’s).

  4. I believe I have come across a Red Wolf in Humble Texas. I recently moved here from California with my hausband and my 2 young children we moved into a newly built subdivision (Deerbrook Estates) almost 2 years ago. Approx 2 weeks ago my husband and I took our children to a bank parking lot to ride their bikes located at the entrence of the subdivision, there in the parking lot I saw from afar what looked to me like a wolf I took a few snap shots of the animal and after some debate my husband and I concluded it to be a coyote. When In returned home I felt the need to view images of wolves available to me via the internet and I have found strong similarities by the pictures I took of the animal and that of images of the red wolf on the internet. I am wondering if someone with better expertice would be willing to confirm my findings. I currently have the photos that I took on my digital camera. Please email so that I may send over the photo attachment. Thank you for your time, Mrs. Eutsey

    • Houstorian Tracey

      Mrs. Eutsey – I hope you found someone to look at your photos. I wouldn’t know a wolf from a coyote, and so probably wouldn’t be able to help.

    • We live in the back of Deerbrook Estates and moved here in December 2006. Someone saw a coyote once at night at the end of our street not long after we first moved here. We also noticed places in our mulch last year that looked like something had been digging around in it. Later on, a neighbor said they had seen an armadillo in our front yard. Also, about a month ago, my husband and I were coming home late on a Saturday night and something darted across the main road from right to left and ran off into that field towards where those new apartments are on Kenswick. It was so fast we couldn’t even tell what it was, but I know it was bigger than a dog. Maybe it was another coyote or a wolf???

  5. I grew up in Cypress, my family moved out off of Jones road in around 1959.
    I remember going by what we all called Wolf Corner… I remember seeing the many
    wolves hanging on the fence at Spencer road and Hwy 6.
    I’ve hunted most of my life and have always enjoyed having many pets. Eventually
    I had a wolf as a pet, and through the people who raised them and my own experience
    and studies I’ve read we’ve found that wolves were very misunderstood as being
    detrimental to the cattle loss in the old west.
    Recently I’ve notice what seems to be an increase in Coyotes. Such as Coyotes
    gatherings in the evenings. Also recently west of Katy Texas I believe I saw a wolf, to
    large and too much grey hair for a Coyote.
    Thanks for your website and sharing the articles.
    Gaylon Osburn

    • Gaylon, I went to school at Cy-Fair with you and Cheryl. I remember Wolf Corner well. I have a cool picture I posted on facebook of some wolves hanging up. It’s posted in the group, “Who Remembers When 1960 Was a Two Lane Blacktop?” I still live in the area and I’m with others who have posted their disgust with all the developement and people that have moved in and changed this area so much. It’s nothing at all like it was…very sad.

      Tammy Dyer Hubbard

  6. I am trying to write an article about Wolf Corner for Community Impact Newspaper in Cy-Fair, can someone who visited wolf corner please contact me with more information about this?

  7. bauzooki@yahoo.com

    I grew up in Cypress and remember Wolf’s corner well and miss it greatly. I may have come across some vultures feeding on a wolf pup in Bear Creek Park 3 weeks ago going to have a DNA test ran on the bones of the remains. To Tammy Dyer I can not find your profile on fb but would love to see the pic you mentioned. If you went to Cy-Fair my name may be familier to you I’m Todd Mead and my email is bauzooki at the yahoo if you see this please email me a copy of that pic. And yes I remember 1960 as a 2 lane black top we used to ride horses down 1960 now I don’t even like to drive down it. I miss the Wolves and Bobcats of our youth. Take care y’all

  8. amanda Villanueva

    I just posted an alert on our community website..we are located between 529 and Logenbaugh..I saw one on i10 and greenhouse one late night and my son saw 2 this morning. .I also alerted surrounding communities also and the responses were amazing. .I’m not the only one that has seen them..they either left and came back or never left. .One family hears them howling at night..we are not far from wolf corner

  9. I was walking my 2 dogs this morning with my wife. We live 3 miles E of Fm 1960 & 59 in the B.W. subdivision ( Humble) . One of the neighbors stopped us & explained she had seen 2 gigantic (great dane sized ) wolfs ! Another neighbor had said he’d seen a wolf by little lake ! There are deer,coyotes,eagles and any number of critters here. Wild pigs ect I’ve heard of bears east of here but this is the first wolf.Actually people have seen animals here at night & been unable to identify them !

  10. See my message pls. We’ve been hearing of wolf sightings in Humble.Have you seen any lately ?

  11. I grew up off Clay Rd. in the 50’s & 60’s and currently have a picture with 11 wolfs hanging at wolf corner that I took in 1964 while home on leave.

  12. I well remember Wolf Corner. I came here in 1953. A new bride from London, England. My new husband drive me out (somewhere way out on 1960limeyli ) to see this site. I was appalled. Had never seen animals strung up like that before. I have lived here (Humble) for 64 years now and still vividly remember the sight. I imagine that is all housing now.

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