1895 – Complete Guide to Houston, Texas

1905 – Charter: The City of Houston, Harris County, Texas
1906 – Houston Civic Club Cook Book
1908 – The Key to the City of Houston (Vol. 1, No. 1)
1908 – Houston – Commercial Capital of Texas [using “new spelling”]
1909 – South Houston – The Town Built Within a Year

1910 – Illustrated City Book of Houston
1912 – Standard History of Houston, Texas
1912 – A Thumb-Nail History of the City of Houston, Texas
1912 – Houston – The Magnolia City
1913 – True Stories of Old Houston and Houstonians
1913 – Houston – “Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea”
1913 – Houston as a Setting of the Jewel
1913 – Houston – Tentative Plans for Its Development
1913 – City Government in Europe
1913 – History of the German Element in Texas
1913 – Pen and Sunlight Sketches of Greater Houston
1915 – The Red Book of Houston

1926 – The Story of Buffalo Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel

1936 – The City of Houston – From Wilderness to Wonder

1942 – Houston – A History and Guide

1951 – Your Library: A Story of 25 Eventful Years
1956 – The History of Houston Heights
1956 – A Study of Response to the Houston, Texas, Fireworks Explosion

Houston Daily Post [1893-1903]
Port of Houston Magazine Archives [1923 to present]

3 responses to “LIBRARY

  1. I am impressed with the old Houston maps. How could I purchase a print of a map?

  2. i have an last edition of the houston post news paper that i would like to get rid of,, if anyone knows how i would get rid of it too the right person,, can you please contact me,, by my email thank you

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