Old Houston Maps

1869 – Street map of Houston
1873 – Panoramic map of Houston
1873 – Houston city plan
1890 – Street map of Houston
1891 – Panoramic map of Houston (copy 1)
1891 – Panoramic map of Houston (copy 2)
1891 – Panoramic map of Houston (copy 3)
1895 – Street map of Houston
1912 – Panoramic map of Houston
1913 – Street map of Houston
1915 – Topographic map of Houston (NW)
1915 – Topographic map of Houston (SW)
1915 – Topographic map of Houston (S)
1916 – Topographic map of Houston (NE)
1920 – Street Map of Houston (showing wards)
1920 – Road map of Houston
1921 – Topographic map of Houston (SW)
1922 – Topographic map of Houston (NW)
1922 – Topographic map of Houston (NE)
1932 – Topographic map of Houston (SE)
1935 – Road map of Houston
1937 – Street map of Houston
1939 – Railroad map of Houston (SW)
1942 – Houston road map
1942 – Street map of Houston (inc. proposed streets in red)
1946 – Topographic map of Houston (NE)
1947 – Topographic map of Houston (S)
1950 – Road map of Houston
1952 – Road map of Houston
1954 – Road map of Houston
1954 – Road map of Houston
1955 – Street/Topographic Map of Houston
1955 – Topographic map of Houston (NW)
1955 – Topographic map of Houston (S)
1955 – Topographic map of Houston (NE)
1955 – Road map of Houston
1956 – Road map of Houston
1957 – Historicaerials.com
1958 – Road map of Houston
1960 – Road map of Houston
1960 – Road map of Houston
1961 – Road map of Houston
1961 – Street map of Houston (NW)
1961 – Railroad and highway Map of Houston (W)
1962 – Road map of Houston
1964 – Historicaerials.com
1965 – Road map of Houston
1965 – Road map of Houston
1967 – Topographic map of Houston (NW)
1967 – Topographic map of Houston (SW)
1967 – Topographic map of Houston (S)
1967 – Topographic map of Houston (NE)
1967 – Road map of Houston
1968 – Road map of Houston
1970 – Road map of Houston
1970 – Road map of Houston
1972 – Road map of Houston
1973 – Historicaerials.com
1973 – Road map of Houston

32 responses to “Old Houston Maps

  1. Hello – I enjoy all the information you have here. I would like to point out that the maps you list as “Geologic” are actually “Topographic” maps.



  2. Houstorian Tracey

    Thanks, Cecil. I thought I had a good reason for labeling them the way I had. When I looked back, though, while I did have a reason, it was not a very good reason. So I’ve changed the labels.

    Thanks again for your interest/assistance, and best regards.

  3. Just wanted to let you know the link for 1915 – Topographic map of Houston (NW) is actually pointing to a 1947 topo:

    Nice site!

  4. Houstorian Tracey

    Thanks, Jim! I think I’ve fixed it now.

  5. Worked great, thanks.

  6. Do you know any way I can find a framable print of a 1947 street map of Houston? I have searched the internet and can’t find one anywhere. Thanks so much for your help!

  7. I’ve enjoyed the blog, but I do not find postings beyond mid-2009. Will they resume?

    • Houstorian Tracey

      Thanks, Will. The lack of recent posts is due to a combination of about 10 different things, but is mostly due to a lack of time over the past year. But I do hope to get back in the habit of at least occasional posts soon. Appreciate the interest.

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  9. I am looking for Roderick street. My grandmother lived there in the late 40’s and early 50’s. I remeber it was in the Heights and somewhere off Shepperd. My dad would take us to a park to ride the ponies. My mom still has a picture. Would love to go back to the area and look at it today. Could someone tell me where I need to look?

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  11. Where is an old map of Pasadena streets in the middle 1950’s? I was curious about the street names in the old Maxwell homes edition or the Soutmore Heights edition, whichever they called it. I lived on Lola street when I was a child. Also I lived on Herbert St, I think. Both streets were in the same residential area bordered on two sides by Tatar and Harris streets. At the corner of these streets was a shopping center with a drug store, a Minimax, and Brown’s five and dime. Thank you. Gary Neill

    • Gary, did you ever get an answer to your question? I lived on Westfall Street in the middle ’50s and I do have a street map – somewhere LOL.

      • Gary Neill

        Hi Marie-No, I still haven’t found a really complete Pasadena street index yet. I cannot find the streets between Harris and Southmore. They were bordered on the east by Davis and the west by Tatar. I stopped looking for awhile. Got kind of discouraged, I guess. I attended Gardens Elementary (1957) and Jackson Jr. High (1959-1960) Thanks-Gary Neill garyn@skybeammail.com

    • Wow. I’ve been trying to remember the name of the drug store in the center with Minimax. Does anyone know the name?

  12. Does anyone know where you can purchase historical maps of Houston?

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  14. Hi there, You have performed a great job. I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this web site.

  15. Thanks so much for all the work on compiling this information in one place!

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  17. gloria arriaga-allen

    Are these maps for sale, what is the price, size, who do I contact, ? I do genealogy, so I may be interested in purchasing more than one depending on price, of course. Thanks.

  18. I have come into possession of a map of Houston, which, although not specifically dated, includes statistics for 1936. Entitled “Official Street Map and Guide” and distributed by the Houston Chamber of Commerce, the map was produced and copyrighted by J. Foster Ashburn (a respected name in local maps for the southwestern states, in my personal recollection). I would describe the map as being in very good condition for its age. Obviously it must have been printed on acid-free paper!

    The most remarkable thing about the map is that it shows the bus and streetcar lines of the period! This is a particular interest of mine. Does Houston have any association of people interested in historical transportation services? I’m intending to vet this souvenir through the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, sometime this summer, assuming I can find a “square tuit.” Mainly, I want to be certain it finds a useful home for posterity.

    — Jim Brown

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  21. あなたがある 、 概要 を ではない 誰かに害を与える それにもかかわらず シャネル を達成するため シャネルのレプリカですか?あなたができませんでした より 間違った。偽造を入れて 多くの 本物のトレーダー 廃業 。以外にも、ある 恐ろしい レポート孤児について子供たちが 強制 労働に
    で 偽造。場所 、終了 に これは、あなた 学ぶべき 方法
    教えて 本物のシャネルのハンドバッグの間と 作成。

  22. Would you happen to know what businesses were on South Main Street in the late 1960s and 1970s. I am seeking my birth father and the only information I have about him is that he either worked at or owned a liquor store on South Main Street. I do not know his name or the store name. Thank you.

  23. Really enjoyed looking at the great map collection you’ve amassed here. Has helped in my research in to US mapping.

  24. edward jankowski

    I have an old map of the hieghts 1900s early how cqn you tell if there real or copies please help I will texty a pic to anyone willing to help jslugbug37@gmail.com 832 418 2924

  25. the 1869 W.E. Wood map is available to view (unfortunately not for download) at http://digital.houstonlibrary.org/cdm/ref/collection/maps/id/1

    you would NOT believe how much that guy wants for a repro of that map….

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